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Coming into the World

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Birthway Gatherings

"With each child, the world begins anew."
— Talmud

Whether marking the transition to parenthood for the first time, or the expansion of a family, the arrival of a new baby is a time of excitement and change and it can feel nourishing and right for a mother to be celebrated and blessed as she prepares.

Birthway gatherings can focus on offering spiritual support in preparation for the birthing process, or can be a time of blessing the journey of motherhood ahead and, in each case, the ritual is customised to reflect the desire of the mother-to-be.


Arrival Blessings

"The day a child is born is the day when the world could no longer exist without them."
— Reb Nachman of Bretslov

The arrival of a precious one is cause for celebration and reflection and can be marked in so many ways, and can be done at whatever time best suits your family and your little one.  Whether following the Jewish tradition of naming/dedicating on the 8th day, or bestowing a Hebrew name at 1 year, I will work with you to create a ceremony which captures the joy, significance and gratitude for the newest addition to your family.

A few examples include:

Baby Naming

I can guide a ceremony announcing your child’s (English or Hebrew) name, including opportunities to offer gratitude, share visions and a give/receive blessings for what his/her life will hold.

Brit Milah / Brit Shalom

I can offer a non-traditional element of dedication to Judaism along side a mohel, or in place of a circumcision.

100 Days Celebration

I can with you to create a ceremony which celebrates your child (or your whole family), similar to a baby naming but at 100 days (or any other time), which allows time for the family to settle in together before having a formal celebration.

Welcome Ceremony

Acknowledging the arrival of a child (at whatever age) through adoption can ease the transition and create a sense of welcome and wholeness, for the child, the family and the community.  It can be grounded in prayers of gratitude, celebrate the child’s new name (whether new last name or additional Hebrew, or other, name), or function as a general welcome and introduction to the wider community.

For us, the journey to parenthood wasn’t easy, so when we welcomed our baby girl into the world it was an extra special time for us. Kesh conducted the most beautiful naming ceremony for us, delicately interweaving scripture, poetry and story together. Through her words she created a sense of intimacy and connectedness with everyone in the room that was exactly what we wanted to introduce our baby girl to our family and friends. It was absolutely perfect. We will definitely be asking Kesh to help us celebrate more simchas in the future.
— Sarah and David