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Coming of Age

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"Whether they are raised in indigenous or modern culture, there are two things that people crave: the full realization of their innate gifts, and to have these gifts approved, acknowledged, and confirmed." 
— Malidoma Patrice Some

A Rite of Passage is the gateway to young adulthood.  Foundational to the individual’s evolving identity, a well-held rite can have significant impacts on healthy development, and strong family and communal relationship. Moreover, the absence of appropriate and deep rituals has led to consequences which range from unfortunate to dire, both individually and collectively.   



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Mitzvah-nitiation is the rite of passage which follows a year of regular study and reflection. Grounded in Jewish custom of Bar/Bat Mitzvah, our time together will include both in-person and virtual session and will culminate in a ceremony where the child thrives in the opportunity to lead and inspire their community through prayer leadership.

Working with myself and a local Hebrew tutor (if necessary), we will embark together on two parallel strands. The first is rooted in more traditional Jewish studies which prepare our children as they step into adulthood.  This includes both practical teachings about Jewish practice and natural cycles of time, and is geared toward ensuring that they feel not only prepared for, but also excited by, what it means to cross the threshold from childhood to young adulthood.

The second strand is focused on supporting our children as they develop skills in introspection and self-awareness, while also helping them to understand a Jewish framework for living.  I believe that being Jewish is not so much about being “chosen” but rather about how we choose to live and that, while it is noble to be knowledgeable, how we life our values creates our world.  Working together to explore core Jewish values will enable initiates to embody their Judaism in an active and meaningful way.

Through guidance and partnership, together we can create a rite of passage which is effective and meaningful for your child, family and community.


Entering the Red Tent

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This ceremonial gathering is intended to set a create ease (and excitement) for our young girls at the onset of menarche.  Each entering is co-designed to reflect the uniqueness of the young woman being celebrated.  For some it’s a celebration of becoming a young woman, and for others it’s a time of wrestling with mysterious change; regardless, it’s an opportunity for them to learn about themselves vis-à-vis this monumental change and to be witnessed in their becoming.  For those who gather in support and celebration, it’s an opportunity to offer blessings and reflections, and to practice and model deep listening.

These intimate gatherings can be held for individuals or small groups and can happen anytime around the onset of first moonblood.

Keshira expertly guided our family - from learning and preparation to customizing a personal service, and finally leading our son in becoming a bar mitzvah. She truly went above and beyond to ultimately shape a uniquely spiritual and meaningful experience for our son, our family and our friends. We are looking forward to, and feel incredibly lucky, that we will be working with Kesh again for our younger, son’s bar mitzvah next year.
— Mark and Lisa
Even though Keshira was in Australia and I was in Pittsburgh, I felt connected and like we were on the same page. She made the process an enjoyable experience. She helped me feel more connected to Judaism and helped me to customize a service and pick what I wanted to include in the service to make it more meaningful.
— Justin, 14