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Stephen Jenkinson's Nights of Grief and Mystery Tour comes to Pittsburgh!

  • This is Red 605 East 9th Avenue Homestead, PA, 15120 United States (map)

Members of our community have been working to bring Canadian scholar and storyteller Stephen Jenkinson and award winning musician Gregory Hoskins, along with his band, to Pittsburgh for a one-night-only event on Tuesday, October 15.

His message has something for everyone and, in particular, it will be relevant to those who are human and long for authentic community, those moving toward elderhood and those wondering what that entails, healers, patients, cultural activists, environmentalists, musicians, poets, writers, lovers of language, members of clergy, people of faith, aetheists, and animists, folks who are interested in conversations around philosophy, social history, anthropology, and end-of-life issues, life-long learners, people who may be closer to the end of life than to the beginning, those who desire a better world for the next generation or people for whom things that matter bring resonance. 

We implore you not to miss - it will rattle things lose and break your heart, it will make you whole and give you new appreciation for what it means to be alive.

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