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Healing Tent Pittsburgh

Healing Tent Pittsburgh


The Healing Tent is a collective effort to bring healing to our community in in the wake of the tragic events at Tree of Life Synagogue on 27 October, 2018. The healing that we offer comes in various modalities including acupuncture, reiki, massage, energetic healing, and more.

In the week following of the tragedy, nearly 100 practitioners stepped up to volunteer their service to support our community. We know that healing is a process and are so grateful that many of them have agreed to continue making their modalities available on an ongoing basis.

The Healing Tent will be open on Wednesdays 6-9pm and on Sundays 12-4pm and half-hour sessions will be available free of charge. The clinic will continue to run for as long as we have practitioners who are willing to volunteer and clients who would like healing support.

If you are seeking healing support and want to book a session, please click here.

If you are a practitioner, yoga teacher or meditation teacher who would like to get involved, click here.

Stay tuned for information about a series of FREE yoga and meditation classes which will be announced soon.

To make a financial contribution to help us offer healing services for longer, please click below.

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