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Kesher Pittsburgh was born out of the realisation that there are many among us who are yearning for deep connection and a radical sense of community, underpinned by Jewish values and practices.  

We heed that call by creating a non-institutional, post-denominational, Priestess-led space which is multi-generational, everyone-friendly, encouraging of curiosity, and joyfully Jewniversal*.  We celebrate Jewish rhythms and cycles of time in ways which are integrated with our lives, not as a special occasion but as fundamental to our well-being.  

By providing a low barrier to entry for those who are nascent in their Jewish practice (especially those with a nominally Jewish upbringing), together we explore spirituality and/or wrestle with integrating our Judaism with other spiritual practices. By curating with cultural sensitivity and warmth, we welcome (and explore) all expressions of Jewish spirituality and make space for each member of our community to belong and be loved, just as we are.

Our cornerstone gatherings occur on Kabbalat Shabbat when we take time to connect – with ourselves, with each other and with our Source of Blessings.  This is always comprised of song and prayer (and sometimes chant, silence or movement) and followed by a Shabbatluck dinner which invites personal and communal connection.  

However, Kesher Pittsburgh aspires to be more than just an occasional forum for events; it seeks to build a village-minded community whose strength is apparent in its celebrations and its capacity for support.  By doing this, we can teach the young ones amongst us – by example – how to be confident in their identities and we can shift our culture toward a better way.

*Jewniversal: grounded in Jewish tradition while open to people, prayers and practices from all walks of life.

Kesher Pittsburgh provides a loving and creative space for prayer, reflection, connection and all the best parts of Judaism and beyond. We love Keshira’s events because we get to share in her unique warmth and insight in a casual environment with other like-minded families who bring their own unique spirits and songs to this intimate community.
— Abby, member of Kesher Pittsburgh
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