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Bring Kesher to Your Community

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Keshira haLev is a traveling Priestess who is passionate about Shabbat and the way that it punctuates each week, helping us return ourselves, to natural cycles of time and to blessed wholeness.

With the deeply held belief that Shabbat is a renewable resource to be experienced with the senses, and always better when shared, Keshira dances between keva (form) and kavanah (intention) in order to make space for resonance and relevance inside of that which is honoured and revered within Jewish and Hebrew tradition. She uses some of her favourite tools – story, song, sound and stillness – to enhance this sacred time of rest, renewal and delight. 

If you would like to work with Keshira to enliven Shabbat in your community, please be in touch. She will bring humble guidance and a spirit of collaboration to co-creating an experience of communal exhale and connection.

Keshira grounds and centers groups, has infinite patience for the working of group process, and holds the center while others dance around it. Keshira is a healing force. Keshira marshals her energy to gather others, persists with goodwill and good nature, and sees the goal and is not deterred by the detours in getting there. Keshira is a strong force for good. And I’m glad I am in her orb.
— Devorah, Kohenet

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