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What a whirlwind we've been on!

Since returning to Sydney in October, the grass certainly hasn't grown beneath our feet! In those 5 short moths, we've spent a bit of time in Myall Lakes, Tasmania, Woodford, Scotts Head to finish off the year. The early part of 2018 has found us in America, Mexico and Japan and finally returned to Sydney in late February to tie up loose ends, exchange farewell hugs with some of our nearest and dearest Aussie friends (in Sydney and Port Fairy) and bid farewell to this place which we've called home for the past 12+ years.  

Many have offered support - both practical and emotional - during this massive transition and we are grateful, for we know that we simply wouldn't have been able to do it without them. It's a funny thing to have made a lifestyle of continually crossing oceans, leaving and joining loved ones wherever we go.  On the upside, we are blessed to have two places to call home. On the downside, we are always missing people and never quite fully landed for the sense of absence can be haunting. As we take this step, we are filled with the warmth of belonging, of being longed for by those who call us home to Pittsburgh. This new chapter brings excitement with the potential for deeper connection to our community there, as well as trepidation about how we might be re-received, and regarded, once we're no longer novel visitors on a world tour!  

At the same time, we are heartbroken to have left Australia which has held and loved us for these many years. We've been fortunate to benefit from the spaciousness of that place which allowed us to become more fully and to live wild and free. The many beautiful people we are fortunate to call our friends and (adopted) family there have enriched us beyond measure and our lives are a prayer that we may do them proud in our onward journey.

As I write, we have just arrived in Bali where we will spend a few weeks before briefly visiting Hong Kong and then landing in Pittsburgh in mid-April. Much remains uncertain about how our summer will pan out as Tim steps into life as an independent Strategy and Innovation Consultant and we search for our next nest. In and among settling down, we plan to spend a couple of months on the road this summer and will look forward to crossing paths with as many of you as we can!

Until then, we'll endeavour to post more photos and anecdotes here as our travels inspire and humble us...and, of course, we'll continue to beam love and prayers your way!